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Bound by the Kincaid Baby

The affluent Mitch Kincaid's livelihood hangs in the balance because of his father's peculiar will. Unless he takes in his father's illegitimate child and looks after ...

Executive's Pregnancy Ultimatum

“What? We're not divorced?” Renee, who runs a catering business, receives unexpected news one day. The divorce papers that should have been processed seven...

Exposing the Executive's Secrets

Eight years ago, Andrea Montgomery was left by her love, Clayton Dean. But due to his father’s absence at his company, Clay is forced to come back. Now Andrea ha...

Paying the Playboy's Price

Juliana Alden has lived her entire life just as her mother wanted. When Juliana finds out that her marriage to Wallace is another one of her mother's business transact...

Pregnant on the Upper East Side?

Amanda, an event planner in Manhattan, currently has two issues: debts and men! Because of her former boyfriend, she’s now deep in debt. If she doesn’t wor...

The Prince's Ultimate Deception

"He's the most gorgeous tour guide in the world!" Upon arriving in beautiful Monaco, Madeline arranges for a tour guide at the hotel she's staying at. A man who happen...

Shattered by the CEO

Tara left her job as a CEO's personal assistant because of her boss's son, Rand. They'd been in a relationship, but the moment she brought up their future, he broke up...

The Millionaire's Indecent Proposal

"I'll pay you one million euros to be my lover. But there will be no promises or confessions of love." Franco's words stunned Stacy out of her dreamlike state. While v...

The Playboy's Passionate Pursuit

Eden is a newspaper reporter hired to cover the famous, charismatic race car driver Rafal Santini. The sexy Italian, with his dark, flowing hair, has captured the atte...

Wed by Deception

Ever since her husband died eleven years ago, Nadia has been busy playing and working to take her mind off things. Now, according to her father’s strange will, N...