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Accidentally Yours

Gaby is an immigration lawyer in the city of San Diego. One fateful day, an array of seemingly random incidents happen and suddenly she finds herself face-to-face with...

The French Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress

Sportscaster Alana knows she’s seen as the infamous villainess of Ireland. Soon after her spectacular wedding to a legendary soccer player, her husband died in a...

Fugitive Bride

Leah felt like all her dreams had come true when she married the handsome billionaire Gerard. That is, until she overhears him say the most shocking thing: “Any ...

The Greek's Ultimate Revenge

“Separate the woman from my husband!” Begged by his sister, Nikos agrees to seduce Janine, make her fall for him and get rid of her. with the hidden ulteri...

Hers For A Night

Lucas may be fast in all aspects of life. On the race track, he’s an amazing driver, but when it comes to women, he’s rumored to run through them like craz...

His Secretary Mistress

Jenna Deane—who has a four-year-old at home and an ex-husband who shows up more than she'd like—can't afford to lose her job. When she finally meets the "b...

Italian Groom, Princess Bride

When I grow up, I’m going to marry Dizo! Regina, princess of the principality of Castelmare, has harbored an unrequited love for Dizo, the son of the palace gard...

A Most Eligible Bachelor

Marriage couldn’t be further from legal secretary Jazzlyn’s mind. In order to rid herself of the baggage of love, she’s developed a rule not to date ...

My Private Detective

Heidi Ellis is on a mission to save her friend Dana, who's been wrongfully incarcerated for murder. With that goal in mind, Heidi enrolls in a criminology course taugh...

Promoted: Secretary to Bride!

For the past three years, Molly has secretly been in love with her boss, Jarrod. She knows nothing will ever happen between them because they’re employer and sub...

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