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A Secret Disgrace

Louise comes back to her homeland of Sicily after ten years in order to bury the ashes of her departed grandparents. But to do this, she must gain permission from Caes...

The Baby Notion

Priss is turning thirty, and she’s going to have a baby, come hell or high water…or house fire. When she’s forced out of her home, Priss must rely o...

The Billionaire's Captive Bride

Peter Ramsey is Sydney's foremost billionaire bachelor, but all the fast cars in the world can't distract him from his quest for love. When he slams on the brakes for ...

The Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage

Charlotte Ramsey has a nice life laid out for her. She's getting married in a few weeks, but a certain excitement is missing from her life. Her goal is to have a comfo...

Christmas at Wayfarer Inn

Between her father’s poor health and the lack of business at their family inn, Grace believes that the best way to ensure her parents’ well-being is to sel...

His Very Personal Assistant

“Don’t fall in love with Marcus. He’ll never love you.” Taking the warning from her predecessor to heart, Kit has remained professional and eff...

The Prince's Ultimate Deception

"He's the most gorgeous tour guide in the world!" Upon arriving in beautiful Monaco, Madeline arranges for a tour guide at the hotel she's staying at. A man who happen...

The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella

Ellie is masquerading as a woman with royal connections so that she, an aspiring novelist, can write her regular column for an upper-class style magazine. Housesitting...

A Tail of Love

It’s been four years since they separated, and Rick has become even more handsome and refined, thriving in his new career as an attorney. Isabelle realizes that ...

The Millionaire's Indecent Proposal

"I'll pay you one million euros to be my lover. But there will be no promises or confessions of love." Franco's words stunned Stacy out of her dreamlike state. While v...

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