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Abby and the Playboy Prince

After spending a rather aggravating time with the woman his family had arranged for him to one day marry, Prince Mychale retreats to his mountain château, which ...

Blackmailed by Diamonds, Bound by Marriage

Angie's beloved sister fell to her death from the balcony of billionaire Nikos Kyriacou's mansion in Greece. Six months after the tragic incident, Nikos visits Angie t...

The Brazilian Boss's Innocent Mistress

Grace finds her fledgling coffee shop chain on the edge of ruin since their reclusive investor Rafael has threatened to pull his funding. Without those funds, Grace fa...

Capelli's Captive Virgin
While searching for her missing sister, Ruby, Lindsay visits the office of Alessio Capelli, where her sister was employed as his personal assistant. Alessio is a slick di...
The Celebrity Doctor's Proposal
Anna is a doctor at a clinic in a small village. During one busy summer season, Sam, Anna's childhood acquaintance and rival, comes to help out at the clinic. He is now a...
Doukakis's Apprentice
The advertisement agency started by Polly’s father has been bought out by Damon Doukakis. Why would the leader of such a large corporation choose this tiny company as his...
The English Doctor's Baby

Alex is the unbelievably rich heir of a prestigious family, and not only does he live in a huge mansion, he's also good-looking, a brilliant doctor...and a confirmed b...

The Greek's Billionaire's Love-Child

When pediatric surgeon Nikos Mariakos ends their relationship, via email no less, Ella decides to start her life anew in a familiar town. Her six-month fling with the ...

In The Sheikh's Marriage Bed

Emily travels to the desert kingdom of Kazban to ask for an extension on her brother's debt. But the handsome and haughty Prince Zak declares he will take her hostage ...

The Italian Doctor's Wife

Abby has no living family. Her daughter, Rosa, born from artificial insemination, is her dearest treasure. Her life as a single mother and nurse is cash-strapped but h...

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