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Ai Ribbon
A non-fiction 4-koma diary comic, a story that revolves around the life of Shinazaki Hikaru dealing with simple everyday problems. Family, school, love and work. But she ...
Angel Heart

Peace Pet Rental's Lag is a robotic dog. He can be pretty slow at times and can't perform tasks aside from those written in his program, but despite all this, he's eve...

A Month in a Dog's Life

Nanacchi’s an eight year old dog with a rather peculiar personality and a voracious appetite. Her relationship with her owner seems to be one of contempt, which ...

Boy's Evolution Theory Plus Vol. 1

Sana Fujisaki and Naoki Fujisaki are practically twins, except for the fact that Naoki is Sana's father! Naoki just plays a fourteen-year-old on T.V. as the sensationa...

Boy's Evolution Theory Plus Vol. 2

The super-popular idol, Mizuki Aso (real name: Naoki Fujisaki), is actually a 29-year-old posing as a 16-year-old. On top of that, he has a son named Sana who looks ju...

Boy's Evolution Theory Plus Vol. 3

In this emotionally distressing continuation, the meek and mild Sana Fujisaki trudges through everyday life while his father, Naoki, continues to masquerade as the sen...

The Cat In The Box

One day, shy high-school boy Kazuo Matsui comes across an old cardboard box with a litter of stray kittens inside. It is there he has a chance encounter with Kitahara,...

Chow Down Champs Vol. 1

Hungry for success! An appetite for glory!
Momotaro High longs to triumph in the Chow Down Championships—but always end up bottom of the bowl. The arrival ...

Country Boy

Best friends Testu and Shige share a love of baseball and Tetsu’s cousin Mikako, but with thoughts of graduation looming on the horizon and the news that Mikako ...

Crime And Punishment (Revised Edition)

In Russia, on the eve of the revolution, a young student named Raskolnikov murders an old pawnbroker over a pocket watch. Although an innocent man is quickly arrested ...

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