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37°C - Thirty Seven Degrees Celsius (Novel)

Noda has never wanted to be a source of disappointment or shame to his family. Raised in a pious, conservative household, he knew he had certain expectations to meet. ...

An Abandoned Cat's House
Edo is a vampire who lived a life of solitude until he takes in an abandoned child named Phil. Since that day the two have lived together. Phil innocently says he loves E...
Absolute Monarch Syndrome Vol. 1

Gorgeous Kiri is a popular television personality with legions of fans who drool over her every move. But her crafty cousin Taku is the only guy who can claim to know ...

After School In The Teacher's Lounge  Vol. 1: The First Summer

Mr. Kawase’s life turns completely upside down when fellow teacher, Mr. Kazama, confesses he’s in love with Kawase! Kawase is a high school art teacher who...

Age Called Blue

Billy is the guitarist for a relatively unknown band called The Idiots. On a fateful Wednesday, two perceived unrelated events occurred: (1) his idol passed away, and ...

Age of Adventure

In 1876, young Takanosuke Arashi is sent by the Edo government to deliver a top-secret message to the United States of America. When his ship is waylaid by pirates, Ta...

Alabaster Vol. 1

A shocking display of racism ends athletic superstar James Block's life when the woman he thought he loved admits she only dated him because of his celebrity status, a...

Alabaster Vol. 2

The final fate of Ami is to be decided in the second half of Osamu Tezuka’s dark tale, ALABASTER. Alabaster hopes to have her be the queen of his future, dark an...

All You Need Is Love Vol. 1 (novel)
High school senior, Junya Sawa, gets a new classmate when Uzuki Kobayakawa, the heir to notorious crime syndicate, transfers to his school. The other students in Junya's ...
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All You Need is Love Vol. 2 (novel)
"I’m never letting you go again." His gelled hair had fallen across his sweaty forehead. His words were mixed with frantic breaths, sinking into Junya's body like a spell...
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