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Bukkake Brawl (Novel)

Mei is an indentured slave in the brawl pits of Yue Fong, a floating city on the lawless seas between major Asian countries. When her little sister Nin is brutally mur...

Coppia – Maid Cafe Of Love

In Japan, there’s an amazing cafe that serves the finest coffee. The only problem is that nobody actually comes to it! That doesn’t mean someone’s no...

Good Enough For Me

Satoshi and Yuki’s relationship has been a whirlwind of miscommunications, jealousy, and misfortune. However, the couple is finally going on their long-anticipat...

I Can Be Your Announcer Vol. 1

Yasunori Tada fell in love with Rio Arikawa during their days at university. Now, Arikawa is a famous announcer and Tada is a lowly assistant director – a positi...

I Can Be Your Announcer Vol. 2

Junior assistant Yasunori Tada is now secretly dating announcer Rio Arikawa in the second volume of I can be your announcer.  But as they both work at a TV statio...

Let Me Help!

Rikako thinks she's about to get her dream office job when she marches into the Human Help Company for an interview, wearing her lucky panties! She's hired on the spot...

Lonely Madame

A bookshop exhibitionist, a hot tailor, a naughty dog lover, and many more... They all have one thing in common: They won't be lonely for long!------Translated by Chri...

Lovers' Licentious Nights
My boyfriend's a little on the sadistic side, and he takes pictures of me while he's taking me from behind... I know it's wrong, but it gets me going so much that I shive...
Mature Diaries

This sequel to Mature Minds includes 10 more sexy ladies and 10 more nights of ecstasy ripped from letters sent in by real people!-----Translated by Steven LeCroy; Edi...

Mature Minds

Takeshi Ohmi brings his mature art and less-than-mature sense of humor to 10 true reader-submitted stories of sex in showers, toilet stalls, shacks, shops - anything g...

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