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Auto Aiming

Auto Aiming is a vivid compilation of smutty short stories about “bad” girls. The book is essentially a chronicle of their adventures through a pl...

A Dark Fable of the Forest Vol.1

"If 90 out of 100 cases are scientifically explained, the remaining 10 persist as mysteries surpassing human knowledge."

When a story about the supernatur...

A Dark Fable of the Forest Vol.2
Supernatural reporter Alyssa Thompson is caught up in the strange world of Chevalier, Pineau Rouge, and their malicious relative, Sophia. Now she finds her own family is ...
Don't Tell My Husband Vol. 1

Because Minano has spent her entire life sheltered by her wealth and parents, she has seldom experienced the hardships of everyday life. Nothing changes after her marr...

Double Mints

“I’ve killed a woman.” The overbearing voice on the phone was that of a high school classmate named mitsuo ichikawa. Buried memories from the past re...

Give My Regards To Black Jack Vol. 1
25-year-old Saito is a young doctor who has just graduated. However, after starting his life as an intern in the university hospital he finds a cruel world filled with gr...
Give My Regards To Black Jack Vol. 10
“The suspect was repeatedly being admitted to and released from the city’s psychiatric hospital.”

Ozawa, a schizophrenia patient under the care of Saitou, falls in lov...
Give My Regards To Black Jack Vol. 11
“He probably thought he would be found innocent if he pretended to be mentally ill…”

The onslaught of reports by the mass media is affecting the sick ward of the psych...
Give My Regards To Black Jack Vol. 12
“We’ve been giving the world the wrong impression…!”

The overhyped media is causing the mentally ill to be viewed with fear by the public. While mass panic runs rampan...
Give My Regards To Black Jack Vol. 13
“It doesn’t matter where I’m headed from this point as long as I remain the person that I am.”

A newspaper reporter confined by the bias of his organization.

A psyc...
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