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14 Valentine Place

Dylan is coming home to Saint Paul! Maddie, who lives in Dylan's parents' boardinghouse, is in a restless mood. Dylan was a person Maddie admired, her first love, whic...

37°C - Thirty Seven Degrees Celsius (Novel)

Noda has never wanted to be a source of disappointment or shame to his family. Raised in a pious, conservative household, he knew he had certain expectations to meet. ...

A Baby of His Own

Nurse Lucy is shocked to find her former pediatrician lover, Connor, is going to be taking over the pediatric ward at the hospital she works at. He’d left her to...

A Matter of Honour

Cassandra was twelve years old when she first met Vincent, and still remembers the dashing older boy that helped her and her kitten down from a tree. Eight years later...

A Miracle For Christmas/ Marrying Marcus

Toy-store owner Steph is super excited about Christmas. She has gathered a ton of presents and is headed toward her parents’ house when suddenly, she gets lost i...

A Secret Vengeance

A young temptress, who deceives elderly men, is desperate to avoid falling victim to the same trap she has set. When Celia senses someone’s presence and turns ar...

An Abandoned Cat's House
Edo is a vampire who lived a life of solitude until he takes in an abandoned child named Phil. Since that day the two have lived together. Phil innocently says he loves E...
Abby and the Playboy Prince

After spending a rather aggravating time with the woman his family had arranged for him to one day marry, Prince Mychale retreats to his mountain château, which ...

About Love
Asaka is a dedicated wedding planner who’ll do anything to guarantee his clients’ happiness. Sadly, his own love life has all but vanished thanks to his ridiculous work s...
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Accidentally Yours

Gaby is an immigration lawyer in the city of San Diego. One fateful day, an array of seemingly random incidents happen and suddenly she finds herself face-to-face with...

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