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Mr. December

Spencer Price has a hand in the robotics field, literally. But designing robotic hands costs a lot of money, so he’s helped fund his ambitions by posing for a &l...

Trail of Love

Kay begins to question her identity after sorting through her late mother's things and discovering that her name is similar to that of Kimberley, the daughter of the f...

To Claim A Wife

After her father falls deathly ill, Caitlin must go back to her home in Texas…and to the people who detest her, the same people who just five years ago treated ...

To Tame A Wild Heart

In order to save her beloved grandmother's land, Rebecca barges into the boardroom of a huge company in Manhattan. Slade has become rather bored with his daily life, s...

Time of The Temptress

Eve gets dragged into an armed conflict deep in the jungle, escorted by field unit major Wade O'Mara. Wade is strong, and he shields her from the terrors of war. I wan...

Time For Trust

Tired of her parents always manipulating her life to accommodate their business’s future, Jessica decides to pursue her own path. While living her new life, she ...

Time Fuse

All Selina Thorn wanted was to get to know her father. Assuming the worst of him, she applied to be his secretary. But as soon as Selina got to know him, she realized ...

This Side of Paradise

Gina and Marie have gone to the Bahamas after winning tickets from work! Marie's looking for a man to pay her way through life, taking her out of her job, but Gina's j...

The Venetian Playboy's Bride

Private eye Darcy Maddox has been hired to investigate Federico Lucci, who’s under suspicion of embezzlement. She arrives in Venice and finds “Federico,&rd...

The Tuscan Tycoon's Wife

Rodeo girl Selena is on her way to a gig when she gets into a car accident with Leo, who hit Selena while braking to avoid hitting a truck. Selena's panicked horse bre...

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