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Again Tomorrow

Shunya’s office is buzzing with wild rumors. Vice President Yuusei Saotome, son of the President and heir to the company, is missing! Most believe he ran off to ...

Aria the Scarlet Ammo (Novel) Vol. 1

Tokyo Butei High School--- A special school where armed detectives, also known as "Butei", receive education as well as training. Kinji Tohyama, a sophomore, has a uni...

Attacked On A Tiger's Whim

Tomoya is working at a host club when he unexpectedly comes face to face with a nightmare from his past. After his first two traumatizing experiences with Murase, Tomo...

Beloved Toy
Tomoya is in the middle of a whirlwind romance at work - and his lover is none other than the CEO! While he and his young, handsome partner are completely in love, he has...
Body Guard

Takahiro's normal life as a high school student gets turned on its head when his father marries a super rich Hollywood actress named, Elizabeth Adley, and leaves Japan...

A Dictator In White Coat

Moriyasu Akashi, medical equipment rep, is queasy at the sight of blood. However, Nobuaki, a surgeon at one of the clinics his business deals with, spoke profound word...

The Faithful Dog Waits for Flowers

When former boxer Yazaki accepts employment with a local yakuza group as a driver, the last thing he is expecting is to be ensnared by love. Especially when it’s...

I'm The Big Brother
Nao has taken care of his two younger twin brothers, Tetsuto and Asuma, for as long as he can remember. Thanks to his care and affection, they’ve grown up into two fine g...
Isn't It Tempting?
Having just broken up with his boyfriend, Haruhiko stays with a bartender he's had a crush on by telling him he can "think of him as a pet"! At first he's a bit hesitant,...
I Can Feel Your Hand

Without reason or warning, Tsukiori finds himself kidnapped by gangbangers after school. Blindfolded, tied up, and helpless against his attackers, Tsukiori's heart soa...

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